Pencil & Paper

Drawing is my one true passion in life. Even if it's just sketches they are what make me feel alive.


~Fall/Halloween Giveaway~

So since it’s fall I thought I would do a rad fall/halloween giveaway!!

All of these things are new

- cute fox notebook

- halloween facecloths

- halloween stickers

- halloween pencils

- halloween erasers

- 3 bath and body works candles (Autumn nights, fresh balsam, pumpkin cupcake)

- 2 bath and body works hand sanitizers (crisp morning air, golden apricot)

- a $10 Starbucks giftcard 


To enter you must reblog, likes don’t count but you can if you want to.

You don’t have to follow Me (but it would be nice if you did)

Reblog as much as you want but don’t spam your followers

This has to reach at least 50 notes or we forget this ever happened


I will be paying for shipping

Right now it’s open to North America and UK (because shipping charges and stuff)

It’s open until October 20, 2014 (10/20/14)

If you do win I will need your address. If you are under 15 make sure your parents/guardians are okay with this. 

~Make sure your ask is open~

I will be using a random number generator to choose the winner

Good luck everyone!

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Started a page on facebook called Sketchbook. Please leave a like! 
Spontaneous self portrait. Summers for me are all about yukatas, paper fans and cat naps. <3
More fanart~ XD
Happy Cinco De Mayo!
Finished version~
I’m a bit too old to go out Easter egg hunting so instead I made a fun little drawing. Her name is Bonnie and she’s a sword wielding, ninja star throwing, high-kicking ninja assassin who loves cheesecake. XD 
(colors coming soon)
sailor moon doodle~
progress shot…